Text Production Essay - Draft2 (Junk Food)

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In today’s competitive world, people want everything to be happened fast. Fast foods or junk foods are the food which can be bought within a short time with more taste. Hence people are showing much interest in eating junk foods. Eating junk foods is the addiction, which is affecting many people across the globe mainly children and teenagers. Junk food comprises of anything that is quick, tasty, convenient and fashionable. Chips, candy, soft drinks, cookies and other munchies are suddenly the most popular thing for children in school (Health Foundation 2005). As teenagers, most students are not worried about their health; they are more worried about the taste of their food. What students do not know are tons of side effects and disadvantages will come to them when they eat all of these varieties of junk food. Therefore, I strongly supported that the sale of junk food at schools should be banned for the better generation in the future.

There are many disadvantages of junk food. First and foremost, junk foods are low in nutrition and unhealthy to consume. These foods are rich in harmful substances such as fat, salt, and sugar (Family Journal 2005). It is very important to reduce eating junk foods for the healthy life. According to the Weekend News (2005), these substances will cause people to put on weight, which in turn causes heart diseases and other health complication when excessive. Food such as bread, biscuits, cereals, contain too much salt, which is unhealthy for the heart if over consume them. In the other hand soft drinks and chocolates are foods that rich in sugar which is the contributor to diabetes. On the other hand, too much fat will bring us to obesity. Junk food such as pizza and chips contains too much saturated fat. Teenagers and children are in high risk of getting obese with this bad eating habit. Hence, it is better to kick the junk food from the school canteen.

Other than that, preservatives and additives are the other major harmful ingredients in the junk food. The additives can be the trigger for the children behavioral problem such as hyperactivity and poor concentration in class (Family Journal 2005). This can directly affect the students’ academicals results and waste their potential in the near future (The Food Show 2005). This problem can be worsening as the food can be easily purchased from the schools canteens. It is cheap, easy to get and the most convenient food in the school area. Therefore, the first thing in their mind will be these unhealthy foods. In addition, according to Mary Caputo as a child psychologist, the recent research shows that by reducing the type of foods in the diets may improve their behavior. The students behaved better and become calmer after the lunch (Green 2005). So, it will be easier for the teachers to teach and control them in class.

Moreover, the packaging’s of the junk food become a serious problem to the litter problem (Family Journal, 2005). The school compounds are usually littered with cans, crisp packets, cartons and plastic containers everywhere. This will make a hard day to the school grounds man at least for every school day in the year. As the school have the litter problem, it will create a bad image of the school to the community. Besides, a dirty places also not a very comfortable place to learn. By banning the junk food, the school will turn cleaner and produce a better environment. This can improve the mood of the student to study. The cleaning cost automatically can be reduced and can be use on the spending of maintenance projects that benefit the school. Therefore, the junk food should be banned to create a better place to learn.

To conclude, the junk food can be the culprit to several of other problems in school other than affects the students’ health. It can affect their behavior and lead to the litter problems. It is undeniable the consumption of junk food bring more harms than benefit. This problem still can be solved in order to make a better life for the future generation. The first step always needed in solving something. So, the action must be taken now as to reduce the impacts of the junk food. The junk food must be prohibited in the school canteens as soon as possible.


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- Include some statistics in the introduction.

- Therefore, I strongly support...

- The first sentence of body paragraph one 'There are many disadvantages of junk food' should be connected to the thesis statement.Move it up and connect it to the thesis statement.

- To conclude, the junk food can be the culprit to several of other problems in school other than affects the students’ health. Grammatically this sentence is wrong as you have used two different structures in one sentence. So, break it and write as two sentences.

- It is undeniable the consumption of junk food brings more harm than benefits...

good job! get a print-out for the file.

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