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The Drover, (Hugh Jackman) is a rugged, reckless but charming individual who specializes in herding and moving animals. He has a tough body and a good looking man. All the girls in my class can’t miss the scenes and actions of him. In Australia, a drover means a person, typically an experienced stockman, who moves livestock, usually sheep or cattle, "on the hoof" over long distances. The reasons for droving is to deliver animals to a new owner's property, taking animals to market, or moving animals during a drought in search of better feed and/or water. Moving a small mob of quiet cattle is relatively easy, but moving several hundred head of wild station cattle over long distances is a completely different matter.

He is actually the hero of this romance and historic movie. I believe that he is the one that brought the most influence in the whole story. He appeared to be a strong, strict but gentle and kind-hearted man in ‘Australia’. He is a very experienced in droving cattle. He has been a leader in droving thousands of cattle for Sarah Ashley. He also might be the only white man that doesn’t discriminate the aboriginal people on the land. He has had a wife from this kind of race people which is already dead. He also has a brother-in-law, name Magarri (David Ngoombujarra), the one that always with him whether in a good or a bad condition. He also never missed to back up Australian aborigine when the other people discriminate him such as when his aboriginal friend is not allowed him to go in a bar.

He was sent by Maitland Ashley to pick up his wife, Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman). That is the first times the two people from opposite ends of the globe meet. They couldn’t be more different - yet they find their lives inextricably intertwined as they embark on a remarkable journey across hundreds of miles of the country’s most brutal terrain.

The Drover started to play his role as a hero in this movie when Sarah Ashley lost her beloved husband. He was the one that support her morally and physically. Then, a special kid name Nullah (Brandon Walters) appeared between them. They went through their journey together. The Drover acted as a partner and a father to Sarah Ashley and Nullah. He became a leader whenever they go. He was also the one that saved Nullah from the Mission Island when the Japanese attacked Australia. At the end of the movie, they were reunited and lived happily, thanks to the Drover.


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